Perfect Car Insurance Solutions You Can Go for Now

The SR22 Car Insurance is a product made in order to protect your right, guarantee assistance at different times and additional coverage in unexpected situations, such as traffic accidents, assistance in case of mechanical failure, theft, and theft among many others. After all, when we make an investment, like the one applied to a car, it is recommended to guarantee your protection with the purchase of SR22 Car Insurance and always have protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

More and more people realize the importance of auto insurance and seek to hire the service to protect their cars, especially those who live in large urban centers because the bigger your city the greater the chances of needing good insurance. The SR22 Car Insurance in major cities is essential item to walk quiet in their day to day.

There are several protections and services covered by SR22 Car Insurance, all designed exclusively to guarantee your satisfaction and daily protection with the car. This variety of coverings and services will enable you to find a product that suits your needs and is perfect to ensure your comfort. Check out the benefits and coverage of auto insurance below:

What Does Auto Insurance Cover?


We are all subject to a traffic crash, for whatever reason. Collision coverage is important because it will ensure your peace of mind in these situations, enabling you to repair your car , as well as the third parties involved.


Although not common, fires are catastrophic situations that can occur with any vehicle, even those that are up to date with their revisions. So this coverage guarantees indemnity for your car when unforeseen events like this occur.


This coverage restores the value of your vehicle in cases of theft and theft. It is extremely important, as the number of vehicles stolen and stolen is extremely high. This type of situation is one of the fears that haunt a large part of the population, making this coverage one of the most contracted. Don’t be worried about your car, click here and get a quote.

Coverage of Material and Personal Damage to Third Parties (RCF)

Material Damage guarantees the indemnity of the amounts claimed by third parties, caused by the insured, in some property, be it a vehicle or any other asset. Corporal Damage guarantees the reimbursement of amounts claimed by third parties who have suffered bodily injury death and or disability or who have incurred medical and hospital expenses due to the accident.

Personal Accident by Passenger (APP)

SR22 Car Insurance guarantees compensation to passengers of the vehicle in the event of accidents. It is another benefit offered by the SR22 Car Insurance plan, being perfect to guarantee costs with possible eventualities with the passengers of your vehicle.

Damage to Glass

The glass damage cover of the auto insurance aims to guarantee the protection of your car’s glass, including the sides, taillights, headlights and mirrors. Thus, your car will be protected against any damage that may happen to the windows. After all, insurance company will provide all the measures so that you do not worry about the repair and have your car in perfect condition as soon as possible.

Reserve Car

The reserve car is one more item of insurance that contractors have access to. With it, if your vehicle suffers any accident, you will be entitled to rent a car. That way, you will not need to change your transportation routine because, even if your car is in repair, you will have the convenience of having a spare vehicle in this period.


Franchise is the name given to the amount that you, as an insured, have chosen to contribute to the costs of repairs involving your vehicle. There are three types of auto insurance deductibles on the market: Mandatory, Reduced and Optional. Find out what are the differences between each of the following:


It is the auto insurance deductible model offered as standard by the insurance company with mandatory customer participation.


This franchise plan is suitable for customers who want to pay a lower amount in the event of an accident in repair expenses.


An optional deductible is one in which customers pay less for SR22 Car Insurance, but in cases of claims, they must pay a larger amount for repairing the vehicle.

Special Conditions for Collective Policies

This auto insurance benefit is indicated and valid only for companies that need to close insurance contracts for vehicle fleets. Thus, there are a number of special conditions offered, such as reduced costs, for SR22 Car Insurance.

Indemnity within 7 Business Days with All Documentation Delivered

Insurance companies always work to make your life easier. Thus, in the case of claims in which all the documentation for the car is delivered quickly, auto insurance will release the indemnity within 7 business days.

24-hour Assistance for the Vehicle and Passengers

This is another coverage offered by the SR22 Car Insurance, being perfect to free you from any circumstance that may occur. With 24-hour assistance for vehicles and passengers, you have a tow truck available in cases such as: mechanical and electrical problems in the car, lack of fuel (also known as dry breakdown), locksmith services, tire and battery changes.

Mechanical Assistance for Vehicle Repair:

In the event of an unforeseen event with your car, auto insurance will provide as soon as possible all necessary repairs to ensure your care and correction of the case. Mechanical professionals will be sent to you to repair your car, as well as key chains will be activated in cases involving keys and winches when the vehicle needs to be removed.

Winch for Towing the Car to the Workshop

Did the car break down on a road far from everything and everyone? Didn’t call and consequently didn’t even leave the garage? The SR22 Car Insurance winch will be activated to serve you in the best way.

Assistance in the event of a lack of fuel (dry outage)

Assisting the customer in times when the lack of fuel occurs is a service provided by auto insurance. With him, wherever you are, we will provide a specialized professional to your destination so that you are promptly treated and have your dry problem resolved.

Removal of Injured Passengers

Insurance company is also prepared to deal with the removal of injured passengers, taking care of safety and perfect care for everyone involved in collisions, fires and other events. Therefore, this service is also on the list of those offered by auto insurance.

Air, Road or Taxi Transportation Back to your Residence

In situations where you are unable to continue traveling, SR22 Car Insurance will guarantee your transportation in unforeseen circumstances involving problems with your vehicle.

Accident Accommodation in Distant Places of Residence

SR22 Car Insurance still covers your accommodation in case of accidents, when you are very far from home, and at that moment, all you need is rest.

But where can I insure my car?

You must first look for a reliable broker with experience in the subject. Insurers have been in the market for years and we are one of the main brokers, in addition to having partnerships with the most renowned insurance companies.

So don’t waste any more time and ask for a SR22 Car Insurance quote with insurer now, click on the button, fill in the form and wait for our team, who will promptly contact you.